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Modular makes more sense.

Controlled environment: Becasue iQmodular Homes are built in a controlled environment, they are protected from the elements, dramatically reducing future problems associated with lumber that gets exposed to rain and snow during construction, such as warping and mold.

Speed of construction: Modular construction allows work to be done on-site while your home is built in our factory. Construction, inspection, and weather-related delays are minimized. This parallel process allows your iQmodular home to be completed more quickly, saving you time and money.

Superior strength: Modular homes are built with 20-30% more lumber than traditional stick-built homes. iQmodular Homes are built with trusses over every door and window, and blocking behind all cabinets and shelving. Drywall is glued and screwed to framing to prevent sagging and nail-pops. This extra rigidity guarantees your home withstands the stress of transportation.

Modular homes offer endless possibilites!

One of the major benefits of building your home is complete control over the design and style. Home owners who build their own home get everything they are looking for in a new home. Our experienced team works alongside our clients to ensure the new homes are completed the exact way the home owners envisioned it.

Availability of custom-features:
Modular homes have very few limitations. As a result, you may have many of the same custom-features in your iQ modular home as you would otherwise. Such features may include bump-outs or bay windows, vaulted or tray ceilings, custom-kitches and designer bathrooms, covered porches and decks, walk-out basements, Dormers and reverse Gables. Our in-house architectural designer will work with you to customize a plan designed to best suit you and your family within your budget.

Exceptional quality control: While most stick-builders use multiple subcontractors to actually do the work on your home, iQmodular Homes are built by full-time employees here in Western New York, giving us complete control over production. You are invited to see your home while it is being built in our factory. We use only select-grade lumber and high quality standard materials. iQmodularhomes are backed by a 15-year structural warranty, which is almost unheard of in the industry.

To arrange a factory tour and see why iQmodular is the smarter way to build, contact us in the Buffalo, NY area at (716) 203-1466 or fill out the required information in the simple form found on our contact page.