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iQmodular Homes uses modular building techniques that offer customers many benefits beyond the capabilities of traditional stick-building. We encourage customers to learn about modular construction, financing, our company, and our philosophy as part of the sales process. We strongly believe in transparency and want to enpower you with all the information required to make a well-thought out and confident decision to build your new home with us. If you’re looking for a unique, affordable, and alternative means of new home construction, consider iQmodular Homes in Buffalo, NY.

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iQmodular Homes are all built by full time employees, offering greater efficiencies and quality control over building in the field. We utilitze a third party inspector to check the quality of work on a regular basis, enabling our team to correct any issues early so your home is built to the highest standard possible. Using 20-30% more lumber than stick-built homes, our homes are built with enough ridgidity to withstand the transportation process. By providing new home construction in a factory, we do not expose the wood to the environmental elements, such as rain or snow, that can warp and mold wood. Our 15-year structural warranty offers customers a level of coverage after close rarely offered in the industry. Check out our modular home buyer's guide.

Please take a moment to explore some of our educational resources regarding the specific requirements and benefits of modular homes. For more information, contact us in Buffalo, NY at 716-270-5525.